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Medical Imaging Installation / Deinstallation

We handle everything from MRI, CT, PET Scanners, Mammography Suites, Angiography Suites, Screening Rooms, and General X-Ray Systems
MRI Logistics and Installation

Probo Medical Handles All Your Diagnostic Imaging Equipment Needs

With the acusition of Canute Medical, Probo Medical is now able to bring our elevated solutions to customers with "big iron" equipment needs like MRI, CT, X-Ray, and more with comprehensive service solutions such as transportation, rigging, installation, de-installation, maintenance, and storage of medical imaging equipment.



Ship Your Diagnostic Medical Imaging Equipment with Confidence

Probo Medical has long-standing contractual agreements with all the established, national air-ride van line transportation companies to provide our customers with the most cost-efficient options nationwide to service your deliveries correctly.

MRI Rigging

Experienced Supervision to Handle Your Rigging and MRI Needs

All rigging complies with safety standards to ensure the proper handling of your equipment. Our foremen are also ISO-qualified in heavy equipment and forklift operation, so you can trust our experienced rigging team to hand in both small and large projects nationwide.

install mri

Diagnostic Equipment Installation

Our Quality Management System Ensures Complete and Timely Turnover of Equipment

Our Quality Assurance team of experienced professionals are compliant with the new ISO Standards. We employ statistical data analysis to pair each project with the most qualified personnel, coupled with our cutting edge processes that will exceed your expectations.

Diagnostic Equipment De-Installation

Professional De-Installation & Service Teams Across Canada

Probo Medical De-installs MRI machines, CT machines, X-Ray machines, PET Scanners, Mammography Suites, Angiography Suites and Screening Rooms.

logistics mri

Logistics Capabilities

Comprehensive "Big Iron" Equipment Services

We provide services for every step of the lifespan of your equipment, ranging from Transportation, Rigging, Installation, Storage, and Logistics services to all the top equipment manufacturers.