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Probo’s Refurbishing Process

We have the industry's best and most experienced refurbishing team.
Ultrasound Refurbishing Technicians

Setting the Standards for Quality

Our top engineers have more than 20 years experience in refurbishing ultrasound equipment. Our commitment to excellence derives from our engineers' commitment to being the best in the industry. Available to direct and wholesale markets, Probo holds the largest inventory and best refurbishing technicians in the industry. Probo Medical’s extensive refurbishing process includes complete refurbishment of all mechanical, electrical, and computer components.

Our experienced engineers completely refurbish the system, ensuring compliance with new equipment specifications. Our expertise includes the most popular systems from GE, Philips, Mindray, Acuson, Siemens, and Canon/Toshiba.

Rigorous Refurbishment Process

Learn how each carefully selected used ultrasound machine is put through a rigorous refurbishment process by the most experienced refurbishing engineers in the industry.

Refurbished Philips Epiq CVX Ultrasound Machine


Every unit is cleaned inside and out, including fans, filters and power supplies to make sure dust and dirt is removed from critical electronic components. We remove all signs of wear and tear by repainting the system or replacing parts and panels, as needed. It’s our goal to make sure your system looks just like it did when it left the factory.


All technicians are meticulously trained to ensure complete functionality before approved for use. They verify that each system passes all system manufacturer diagnostics, as well as testing everything from trackball function to mobility, to software and system functions. Our professional applications team works with our engineers to ensure your system works like-new.

Probo Ultrasound Service Testing Ultrasound Systems
Ultrasound System comparisons by Probo Medical sonographers

Configuration & Packaging

Before being packaged and shipped with custom designed crates, each system is configured to your specific needs as listed on your unique sales order. We record system software, options, and part numbers to ensure a smooth process from shipment to warranty and service. Each system that leaves our facility is also eligible for an extended warranty.

Perfection is Our Passion

Our Service Engineers follow a 24-step process to ensure your system operates like brand new. We guarantee it meets OEM factory specifications and follow a rigorous protocol to restore it to its original state.

Disassembling and Ultrasound Machine for refurbishing
Ultrasound Refurbishing-sanding ultrasound panels
Ultrasound Refurbishing technician painting ultrasound panels
Ultrasound refurbishing technicians installing GE ultrasound keyboard
Ultrasound quality assurance technician testing refurbished ultrasound machine
Ultrasound Crate fragile notice
Refurbished ULtrasound machine being pushed into lineup of finished goods